Christian Faith

A cup of Grace

cropped-20170227_194924.pngPatience. I have none.

Any woman with a full time job and children know what I am talking about when I say that mornings suck.  Not only do I need to worry about getting myself to look somewhat presentable before walking out the door but I also have to make sure that the kids clothes match (sort of) and I attempt to run the brush through their hair at least once. I consider it a great day if I can get them into the van without first having to deal with them fighting over who gets the bigger vitamin (yes, you read right) or my personal fave, who gets to close the doors to the van. Usually when this happens the “winner” will close said doors on the “loser” which will cause an uproar for all the neighbors to hear. I know what they are all thinking by the way, they are thinking “oh its that lady across the street, she’s watching her grandkids again..”…they are mine by the way….but I digress.

Even with all this rushing, I do however, make the time to sit in an unbelievably long line at the drive through at Starbucks. Because God only knows how things will be if I don’t get my ridiculously expensive Café Mocha with extra whipped cream and a swirl of chocolate drizzle, oh and just two pumps of chocolate sauce please (gotta watch those calories).

One particular morning as I was running really late and I sat in that long line wrapping around that place we caffeine addicts consider heaven, I notice this car in the opposite direction trying to get in. Not only was this lady going against the flow of things but she was….gasp…trying to cut in line! Because I am kind and a good Christian woman, I let her in, and I swear I hear groans and “F” bombs coming from the snake behind me. She smiles and waves politely and gets in front of me but I make sure I make my displeasure known by shaking my head at her while sending these invisible laser beams at the back of her head. That should teach her for cutting in line and making me even later to a job I have come to despise. Laser beams and shaking of head continues until she is gone and as I pull up to the window and the barista hands me my fancy cup of Joe she says “here you go, the lady in front of you paid for your drink and she wanted me to tell you to have a nice day.”

And…….silence. WOW! God just handed to me a cup of His grace. I drove away with my head hung feeling like a puppy who just peed on the floor and was being reprimanded. The coffee tasted bitter.

As I drove to work I replayed what happened in my head, my coffee sitting cold and untouched next to me. I felt ashamed. God had just taught me a valuable lesson on patience and grace and how truly unappreciative I have become.

  1. My children can drive me crazy BUT I am blessed to have them. I  know a lot of people trying desperately to have babies of their own and are utterly heartbroken when they can’t.

2.   I might despise my job BUT I am blessed to have a job so that I can help provide for our family.   Some are not as fortunate and would do anything to be able to have the same.

3.   I can afford the luxury of buying overrated coffee while others don’t know where their next meal will come from.

4.  I have a car, I have a roof over my head, I have a healthy family, I am breathing.


Life is all about rushing. Life has become just one big blur and sadly, before we know it, it will all be gone. As we are lying on our death bed, will the things that so easily upset us really truly matter? That poor lady took maybe two more minutes of my time…was getting all worked up over two lousy minutes really worth all that effort? How often do we pause in our madness to say thank you to our Father for all that He has given us?

It would take maybe ten seconds of our valuable time to thank Him but we have no problem spending  5 minutes scrolling our Facebook page to see how many likes we got on a post we put up 2 minutes before….

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