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From Trial to Blessing

I have four girls. All bright,  beautiful and special.

After my youngest daughter, I was done. Like, a turkey left in the oven way too long done. It took us years, 7 to be exact, to have my youngest and alot of money, time and heartache to go along with it. On our last try she was conceived in a petri dish, she wasn’t even considered a “grade A”, top of the line embryo but God can perform miracles and she was a perfect example of one. She was 15 years apart from my youngest and at  41 years of age, the pregnancy was rough! Everything on my body hurt and I looked like I was 6 months when I was only 4, I got asked that dreaded question  “are you due soon”?  more times than my patience could handle, and through gritted teeth and a fake smile, I would answer “no, i have 3 more months to go.” And I would get that look of pity followed by a quick smile and a word of encouragement in  hopes I didn’t notice the first reaction. She was born a healthy baby (number four for me and first for my husband) and everything in my life was finally complete as I had defeated the odds and gave my husband his own child. But God had His own plans and a distorted sense of humor at that.

Because of my age, the years we tried to conceive and the fact that I had only one good tube,  my wonderful male doctor didn’t really think it necessary to go on birth control. Well, 4 months later, after being 2 days late on a period I bought a home pregnancy test just for the fun of it. I left it sitting on the sink during the 3 minute wait required for the pee to reach that special window to give you the dreaded yes or no answer (depending on which side the tester was on). I came out of the bathroom crying, sat on the couch with my head in my hands not believing what I had just seen on that plastic white stick that had supposedly ruined so many other lives before. My husband, on the other hand, looked like a cat that just swallowed a canary. I wanted to kill him.

I was technically old enough to be a grandma and according to Facebook, many of my high school classmates were grandparents already, proudly showing off pictures of the newest additions. And here I was pregnant, again. Not to mention I still had a lot of weight to lose from my last pregnancy , good thing I didn’t get rid of my maternity clothes because, well, I was still wearing them.  I whined and moaned throughout my entire pregnancy and I am pretty sure God got really tired of hearing me feel sorry for myself. I had to have an emergency induction weeks before my due date because I was critically low on fluid. I remember being so scared and as they pumped the medicine in to my veins to start the contractions, I kept repeating Jeremiah 29:11 over and over again in my head. I suddenly felt peace and I just knew everything would be ok. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after  the easiest and  most peaceful labor I had ever experienced.. My one and only son.

As a Mother, one of the first things you do when you settle your brand new baby into your arms is to count the fingers and toes. instead of 10 fingers, I counted 11. My son was born a polydactyly which means he was born with  eleven fingers (two thumbs) but in my eyes he was just perfect! After many prayers for guidance, we decided to keep his second thumb because, well, that is how  God created him.

He is almost two and he has been such a blessing and a wonderful gift from God. I have raised only girls until he came along and sometimes I think God gave him to me for a reason. It is our responsibility as parents to raise him to be a man of  God. If  I could write down everything I hope he would become, I would start with these simple things:

  1. Follow Gods commands
  2. Treat women with respect
  3. Take the lead in your household
  4. Be kind and humble
  5. Be a father who shows affection and love
  6.  Be a good husband
  7. Be faithful
  8. Be patient
  9. Be a good provider and protector

My little man. Gods special little gift.

Sometimes things happen for a reason, we might not understand it at the time and we might even kick and scream because, quite frankly, unexpected changes can be painful. But most of the time, if we just let it happen and except it , what will seem to be a trial will turn into His blessing.





4 thoughts on “From Trial to Blessing

  1. I felt really Best Buy this blog post. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for you. But your message definitely shines through – God can take something unwanted and unexpected and turn it into something beautiful.

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