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The Little Things


Before you start reading my, ahem, issues and the “Un Christian” things that go through my head ( which I have laid out for you in parentheses),  I kindly ask that you don’t judge me.

The little things……

I wonder at what point in my life did I start letting the little things bother me, the things that I have no control over. And it affects me in a such a way that it sets my mood and attitude  for the rest to the day, ultimately affecting my interactions with others.

Here are some of the ridiculous things that I allow to heighten my blood pressure to unhealthy numbers:

The long and ridiculously slow line at Starbucks ( geez people, how hard is it to make a latte )

They forgot the extra whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on my non fat Cafe Mocha (I’ll let that one settle in…)

The eldery man driving at the speed limit in the “fast lane” so I tail him rather than going around ( that will teach you and how are you even allowed to drive )

At a drive thru and the car in front of me makes a huge order because it’s his turn to do a lunch run for his co workers , all 20 of them. And I’m in a rush. ( geez, why are you in the drive thru! Get off and order! )

When I get into the shortest line at Target only to remain there while everyone in the long line is gone, all because the lady in front of me wants to use her stack of coupons she keeps neatly in a huge binder ( get a job )

The men at work want to participate in “moustache march” Every. Single. Year. And they all look creepy and it’s sad because this is how I now mark my years. ( oh Geez, look at that,  it must be March again )

When women in aisle ten of the grocery store want to park their over flowing carts at the very center of the aisle, because they just need to catch up and this is the perfect place to do it  ( oh how nice,  now get out of my way! Can’t you see I have two toddlers ready to take a dive out of the cart! I’m at the home stretch here! )

At the checkout with said toddlers and it’s finally my turn and I can finally see the end in sight and on the very LAST item that I NEED, the price won’t scan, so they call the teenager on the floor who takes his time to do a price check. And the kids are crying, and they are ready to take that long awaited dive out of the cart and I’m starting to sweat because I am trying desperately to bribe them with candy so they will sit,but its not working. And I can’t quite bring myself to make eye contact with the mother behind me with three kids, who are starting to cry and complain . And I can feel her impatience and I know what she is thinking ( geez lady, forget that item, get it later…just pay so I can get out of here ! ).

And now the ladies in aisle ten have joined the party and they are staring at me to see what the hold up is…..

And….  BOOM! Right back at me!

Has this ever happened to you? ( please tell me I’m not the only one) When God stepped in to teach you a valuable lesson on patience because you were getting a tad bit out of hand with your high and mighty attitude.

Imagine how much easier life would be if we just let those little things roll off of us rather than sticking to us like glue, causing stress, unnecessary chaos and bad behavior.

Imagine being in front of God as He replays all the parts of your life in which you reacted badly and He also showed you the flip side of things. In other words, the other people’s view of you as they see you lose your patience with them by rolling your eyes or giving them attitude. How would you feel if you were forced to watch all of this in rewind in front of our Father?  I don’t know about you but I would feel incredibly embarrassed by my shameful behavior.

Sometimes we just need to let go of…control.



2 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Why, I’m shocked! : 0 LOL! “Imagine how much easier life would be if we just let those little things roll off of us rather than sticking to us like glue, causing stress, unnecessary chaos and bad behavior.” I can so relate. (Read my blog!) Too many of your thoughts echo my own (and then some).


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