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Wear your Cape with Pride


A cape.

And not any ordinary cape but one with beautiful embroidery and sparkles so we can be seen from a mile away.

I think every Mother should have one in her wardrobe. And don it every morning as soon as she gets up and her feet hits the floor, because the day has just begun and things are about to get real. Mother’s make things happen with our God given talent of multi tasking, taking care of multiple things at once while holding a screaming baby. We are awesome like that.

It doesn’t matter if you are a working Mommy or a stay at home Mommy, the work is all the same. Crap needs to get done and there is no such thing as a “down ” day and forget it if you happen to get sick because Mommy’s have no sick leave in their bank. Dad’s on the other hand, will act like their world is about to end as they moan and groan in pain from a mere head cold. So not only do you have a household to run, and kids to manage but now you can add your sick husband to the list ( and let’s be honest ladies,  he can be worse than the kids ). And you have to pray for patience and hold your tongue because you want to scream at him from the top of your lungs “suck it up buttercup”! But, you manage to bring him his homemade chicken soup and serve it to him with a smile plastered on your face while your toddlers are destroying everything  downstairs.

Sometimes we bear the weight of the world on our shoulders and to be honest it’s really easy to neglect ourselves because everyone else comes first. I will be the first to admit that I look like death sometimes when I am out in public and as I catch a glimpse of myself in the dreaded mirror at the produce section all I can do is shake my head and sigh. All I can hope for is that I don’t run into one of my husbands ex girlfriends…..but hey, I am all about making others feel good about themselves.

And sometimes being a woman is a thankless job. We rush home like a mad woman after work, almost hitting the wall of the garage in the process because dinner needs to be made before you get the kids from the sitter. Once they are home you can forget about cooking, unless you can deal with kids wrapped around your legs as you try to maneuver around your small kitchen. And you are proud of yourself for making a pretty damn good looking meal and you serve it up to them with pride, making it look palatable on their plates. And you sit and wait for them to gobble it down with relish. And your pride takes an instant dive as they stare at their plates with disgust and push it aside because, well, it’s not mac and cheese. So you pile them in the van and sit in the long line at McDonalds and you can’t help but wonder how many other Mother’s ,whose dinner was just shot down,  are sitting here to. And yes, I know….they should have been forced to eat the meatloaf….but notice my title….it does say “imperfect”.

And I can’t help but wonder….  how much of this is our doing? We put so much pressure on ourselves to create a perfect home for our family and we are so reluctant to ask our husbands for help. You will find that they are willing to help, but they don’t read minds and they are not wired the same way we are, they won’t notice we are struggling unless we say something. We just need to give them a chance. I am sure they are willing to put down their phones and pause the stupid game they are playing to help change the baby’s diaper ( yes there is a bit of sarcasm in that ).

We can’t do it all. No way, no how. Yes,  we may have the baddest cape ever and we deserve to wear that sucker with pride but we don’t have the super powers to go with it.

We need to breathe and take care of ourselves. And remember to brush our hair and shave our legs…





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