Christian Faith

Ebb and Flow

I love the water.

I love the sound of the ocean,  the sound of the waves as it breaks on the shore. I like to dig my feet into the cold sand and see the footprints that I have left behind only to disappear as the waves wash it away. I like to scoop up the sand with my hands and sift through it, and I can’t help wondering about all the skeletons left behind from creatures long gone. And I like to sit with my children near the small pools that have gathered on the rocks as they hold treasure just waiting to be discovered. If we are lucky we will find little fish who have found their way into these pools as well as shells that turn out to be a home for a little hermit crab. And we are all in awe of God’s creation, even the smallest of creatures were well thought out in His master plan.

And sometimes you can experience the ocean during her various moods, she can be stormy and unapologetically relentless, destroying everything in her path! And never, ever turn your back to her because you never know when her mood will change and she will wipe you out without a second thought. But she can also be calm and soothing and if you listen carefully, she will whisper her tales to you, tales of long ago and she will even allow you to lie on top of her, gently massaging you as you let the warm sun shine upon your face. She is a mother, after all, and like all mothers there are so many facets to her, and she is complex and simple at the same time but she provides for all that is within her because they need her to survive.

And my favorite time of day is when it is coming to an end.

And this is what I consider paradise here on earth, my little slice of Heaven. And if I could imagine Heaven, this is what it would be.

As the day is coming to a close, I love to sit by the waters edge. She is calm because her work for now is done and she can finally get some rest. And the sky slowly starts to change as the sun starts to make its way back down and you can feel the coolness in the air and as you close your eyes you let the slight breeze kiss your face. And the sky is showing off its colors, bright hues of pink and orange on display for anyone willing to take the time to look and as the sun sets to the west you carefully watch it disappear hoping to see the green flash signifying the end of another day.

And as darkness takes over and the moon is shining high in the sky, you can see the reflection of light on the water. And you are thankful, thankful for another day that you are able to witness such beauty and take in another breath. And as you listen to the sound of her as she is preparing for rest you can feel your problems washing away with every ebb and flow of her.

And she takes it all away with her until all is washed away. And you get up feeling clean and refreshed and you dust off the sand and walk away as you prepare for yet another day.


One thought on “Ebb and Flow

  1. I love to sit beside water, too. It took me years to realize that I don’t really enjoy being IN the water, but I love being around it and/or on top of it in a boat. When I worked summer camps, I loved going out on the pond at night where nobody would be able to reach me easily. I would just lay down in the bottom of the canoe, watch the stars, and pray. I think it saved my sanity during those long days and nearly sleepless nights of being a Camp Counselor.


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